Peninsula Lodge No 5914 – Pathways

The Pathways programme was presented to Peninsula Lodge by W.Bro Tony Carss PrrAGDC ProvGTyler Provincial Membership Officer.
The lodge was suitably impressed by the professional presentation of the Pathway initiative and the useful and informative information presented.
Along with the Presentation Team of W.Bro Tony Carss, Provincial Membership Officer is W.Bro Adrian Davies, APGM was in attendance and W.Bro John Miller, Area 2 Chairman.

Front left to right
W.bro John Miller area 2 chairman, W.bro John Jones acting SW, W.Bro Tony Carss prov membership officer, Bro Michael Collins WM, W.Bro Adrian Davies Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Eric Stancliffe acting JW

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